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The Aftel Ten is So Dreamy

I am a huge Chloe Aftel fan.  Huge.  And when I first saw her instant film images, I knew she would be a perfect fit for The Ten.  In fact, I love her work so much, she has also become a gallery artist, and I purchased an image for myself.  I am an Aftel collector and so proud.  Now you can be one too.

This Ten collection by Chloe Aftel redefines "imperfect beauty". The combination of striking female imagery and temperamental instant film creates unforgettable photographs.

Nostalgic. Beautiful. Luscious. Lovely.

Exclusively on The Ten.




Art & Power!

So thrilled and honored to be featured in the Atlantan's Art & Power issue!

Cool Intentions


Provocative old guard and ambitious new leaders. Masterpieces and can’t-miss marvels. This is Atlanta’s arts scene—and these are the 20 scene stealers changing the conversation.

Jennifer Schwartz is on a mission. This year, the 30-something gallery owner created The Ten (, a monthly online exhibit of 10 images with a low price point that entices new collectors to get their feet wet in investing in fine art photography. With the success of that project, she takes her show—Crusade for Collecting—on the road. “I am going on a 10-week, 10-city tour, where I do pop-up shows featuring works from incredible emerging photographers from across the country.” 1000 Marietta St. NW, 404.885.1080, jenniferschwartzgallery.‌com

by K. Abney, K. K. Bell, D. M. Byron, C. Cox, K. Skinner, A. Sverdlik, M. Welch |The Atlantan magazine | November 25, 2011


One Magical Dress

I first saw Heidi Lender's Green Dress series last spring after she donated a print to a charity auction.  And I bought it.  Immediately.  

When I launched The Ten this summer, she was one of the first photographers I reached out to.  I sent her a strange, "you don't know me but..." email, and she responded right away with the enthusiasm, super fun energy and grace that you see in her work.  I have loved every minute of working with her, and you will love every minute of owning one of her photographs.



Q&A with Mikael Kennedy

As I gear up for the launch of a new Ten in a few short days, I realized I wasn't ready to move on from Mikael Kennedy's work. Below is a little Q&A with the man himself, lover of photography, travels and Bob Dylan. You just made us love you even more...

Why the love for Polaroids?

I was literally just having this conversation with a friend over coffee this morning. It started simply because I liked the way they looked and I liked that the Sx70 could fit in the back pocket of my jeans. Now it has a lot more to do with the uniqueness of the image. I like the idea that it is a physical object, that it's one of a kind.

Tell me a little more about Passport to Trespass...

Oh man. Where to start? How about where I got the title? I was climbing on an old decaying pier in North Carolina with my brothers when cops rolled up and told us we were trespassing. I showed them my camera and apologized saying we just wanted to take some pictures. They let us go. We realized my camera was a 'passort to trespass' and it's gotten me out of trouble many times since.

Best travel adventure?

They are all in passport to trespass, it's hard to choose. Driving from Portland, Oregon to NYC in one long shot with my buddy Mike was probably one of my most and least favorites. 54 hours....

If you weren't making art, what would you be doing?

I don't think I know how to stop, so it's hard to say. I liked being a deck hand in NH running freight. I'd probably call up my old captain Danger Dave and ask him for a job.

What inspires you?

It sounds stupid but really just life. I'm fascinated by people's stories. How they chose to live theirs.


Stay out of cities?

Dinner party. Ten guests. Who do you invite?

Large dinner parties stress me out. I'd like to take a walk with Bob Dylan. That man told stories like no one else.


Mikael Kennedy is all up in my world, and I like it

Mikael Kennedy is best known for his Polaroid work, so when we decided to do an instant film show at the gallery, he was first on my list to invite to participate.  We hit it off over the phone - as it turns out, he's the most likable guy.  I would even go so far as to say he is rad.

Not only did he agree to participate in the show, he jumped right on board with creating a Ten collection.  Totally rad.

His images are like him.  Relatable, intruiging, full of wanderlust.  They draw you in and give you a minute to pause and feel a sense of time and place.

And now that we have a group of his Polaroid images gracing the gallery walls, I feel I would be remiss not to mention the opportunity to have a one of a kind Mikael Kennedy Polaroid of your own.  For people who purchase the entire Kennedy Ten Collection (all ten images in a clamshell box for $2500), he is including one of these stunning Polaroids (which sell for $950 each).

Putting the incredible value aside, this is beauty in a box.

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